Friday, November 7, 2014

Review: Unexpected by J.J. Lore

by J.J. Lore

Reviewed by Phoenix Andrews, 4 out of 5

UNEXPECTED was a great futuristic romance novella. There was a surprising amount of character development packed into this small book, especially for the heroine. When we first meet Alisa her character jumps and flinches at just about everything. As the story progresses it is subtly apparent how much strength and confidence she draws from both her bond with the heroes and her experiences during the outings they draw her into. 

Felix and Mikel, the heroes, are at turns adorable and alpha male arrogant. I enjoyed the slip ups and bumbling of the heroes as they tried to figure out and implement a plan for courting Alisa. It was obvious they were aliens on a futuristic Earth and watching the two navigate the cultural divide between themselves and Alisa was entertaining. 

There was just enough suspense for a story of this length. The scenes were hot but didn't overwhelm the story line. Menage worked for these three characters and the brief M/M scene was...titillating. (Ha! There's really no other word for it.) I'm looking forward to the next in this series. 

Reviewer, Phoenix Andrews

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