Saturday, November 8, 2014

Polar Bared (Kodiak Point #3)

by Eve Langlais

Review by Phoenix Andrews, 4 out of 5

Gene, the hero of this story, is a scarred ex-soldier and a were-Polar Bear. Now, I have a soft spot (and HOT spot) for scars and ex-soldiers so he had me at "Grrr". The heroine, Vicky, is another story. I probably would have rated Polar Bared a 5 had I been able to connect more with Vicky. She was independently wealthy which is an auto-dislike for me. Also, her only real vices were clumsiness and naivety which when pared consistently throughout any story comes off as a throw-away character device.

Vicky grew up with an abusive father and followed that up with an abusive marriage. This rang true to me as many women fall into this pattern. I found myself getting angrier and angrier with her throughout the story whenever she overlooked obvious clues to the bad guys because I felt like, with her back story, she wouldn't be this much of a naive Mary Sue. Vicky hadn't led a sheltered, cossetted life up to this point so why was she as naive as an 18th century debutante? She did have her redeeming qualities such as her glasses, being chubby, and her will to pursue adventure and break out of her shell.

Gene was grumpy, scarred and sex-starved. I felt at turns bad for and attracted to his character. He was a total alpha male but managed to still make me want to wrap him in a hug and fix all his troubles. If you're not averse to freezing your nips off in the arctic or a guy who goes furry every once in a while, Gene is the book boyfriend for you.

I'd recommend this series to anyone looking for shifter romance outside of the normal werewolf themes.

Reviewer, Phoenix Andrews

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