This blog is administered under a pen name and reviews are posted using pen names for most reviewers unless the reviewer has requested otherwise. Most of the pictures posted are stock photos with the exception of book covers and those given to us by guest bloggers. 

  • Due to recent events within the blogger/reading/authorship community we feel the need for complete anonymity. While we guarantee honest reviews this does not always mean good/glowing reviews. Sometimes we simply don’t like a story. If you’re an author, don’t take bad reviews as attacks on your person. While our reviews may be humorous we don’t tolerate blatant malice. 
  • Please remember superstar, debut, and every author in between receives the occasional bad review. 
  • Our advice to authors: Don’t take bad reviews personally or to heart…unless you receive many reviews stating you need a good editor. Then, by all means, take that shit to heart and hire yourself a professional editor but KEEP WRITING if it’s what you love.
  • We are looking to review great stories that have been properly formatted, well edited and have professional looking covers. 
  • We do not participate in #blackouts and have no preferences/prejudices for or against books affiliated with certain publishers. 
  • No preference is given to whether or not a book is written by a debut author or an established author.
  • We have no preference or prejudice for or against Indie/Traditional/or Crossover authors.

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