Monday, November 10, 2014

Review: Future Prospect by Lynn Rae

Future Prospect (Love Under a New Star #1)

by Lynn Rae

Reviewed by Phoenix Andrews, 4 out of 5

I'm always looking for a good sci-fi, alien world romance and I felt like I'd found and read all of them in existence until I came upon Lynn Rae's Future Prospect. I've been spoiled by the Brides of the Kindred series by Evangeline Anderson and the Cyborg Seduction series by Laurann Dohner so I'm hard to please when it comes to sci-fi romance. However, I really enjoyed Future Prospect by Lynn Rae.

Colan is a loner and spends his time mapping and surveying newly discovered planets. He's socially awkward and withdrawn and when I think of his character the word "curmudgeon" comes to mind. Somehow, despite his Scrooge McDuck personality, he manages to be sexy and attractive instead of petulant. He's a man, so he makes boneheaded decisions and acts like a jerk on occasion but I didn't find it a turn-off as much as realism.

Lia, the heroine, is strong but doesn't read as too good to be true or unattainable. I kind of want to be Lia when I grow up, LOL. She's in a bit of denial when it comes to her feelings but what character isn't? She's insecure at appropriate times but isn't afraid to stand up for herself which I liked about her.

There wasn't much I disliked about Future Prospect and we all know I'm not afraid to dislike anything. The only thing that had me growling was the villain of the story. How did no one suspect the culprit before the end? The security chief at the very least had to have had his suspicions and I would have liked to see him acknowledge this early on, even if only in the form of inner dialogue. I wanted to slide inside the book and knock some heads together and scream "It's so obvious! That's the person right there!"

The alien world and setting was well-developed without approaching overly described. The cover is hot and well-crafted. I found only a handful of editing errors and they were easily overlooked. All in all, I would definitely recommend Future Prospect and am looking forward to the next in series.

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