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3 Out of 5, Luke's #1 Rule by Cynthia Harrison

Luke's #1 Rule (Blue Lake #2)

By Cynthia Harrison

Published: December 8, 2014

Book Blurb:
When Chloe’s employer amps up the verbal abuse and her ex-husband succumbs (again) to his addictions, she accepts a job offer across the country. Before starting their new lives, Chloe and the boys visit the family cottage at Blue Lake for their annual summer vacation.

When Luke meets Chloe, he’s blown away. She’s a strong, smart, gorgeous woman, and he wants to know her better. This sweet dream dies when Luke learns Chloe is a single mom. His #1 dating rule is “no single mothers.” He shuts down fast because he’s been there, done that, and has the broken heart to prove it.

Blending families and addressing addictions co-mingle with summer sunshine in a small lakeside town where the roots of love grow deeper than life’s challenges.

Review by Phoenix Andrews, 4 out of 5

Luke's #1 Rule started as a surprisingly good read from an author previously not known to me. The writing style kept me engaged and the plot flowed at a nice pace. I feel the author did an excellent job showing the dark side of addiction. 

One issue I had was the hero's judgment of the heroine in regards to her taking the kids away from her ex-husband. I side with the heroine in this case. The man endangered their children on multiple occasions. At best, he was criminally negligent. He was passed out in their presence, left drugs and booze out in the open within easy reach of the kids and dropped them off in front of a house where only a stranger was home to care for the kids. 

When the heroine decides to move on with her life, the hero and supporting characters treat her like the devil incarnate. She's a "selfish bitch" for taking her kids away from their poor father just because he has some problems. He's totally going to change! Sheesh! How can she be sooo cruel?! 

Up to this point I really liked the book. Then the hero became un-redeemable in my eyes. The heroine had already paid for and forced her ex-husband to rehab multiple times only to watch him relapse. Yes, everyone deserves a chance. However, it's every mother's job to keep her children safe and the fact is they were never safe while in his presence, even when his new wife was around. 

While I liked the writing style and flow of this book the hero ruined the ending for me. I honestly didn't want them to end up together and I wanted to reach through my kindle and strangle the life out of the heroine's ex and his new wife. 

I'm giving Luke's #1 Rule 3 out of 5 stars. I'll be looking for more books from Cynthia Harrison. I just hope this same theme isn't repeated. 

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