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2 out of 5: Accepting Her Laird by Em Epe

Accepting Her Laird (McRaidy Clan #3)

By Em Epe

Published: September 24, 2014
Book Blurb: 

Bella's journey to the Scottish Highlands ends tragically until she meets Rian McRaidy, Laird of the McRaidy clan. 

As the target of the hated Glarys, she settles in as the artist in residence for protection and she pursues her attraction to the powerful McRaidy Chieftain. 

Rian can only resist temptation for so long before he decides to make Bella his own but it may be too late. 

Book Three of the McRaidy Clan series.

Review by Scarlett Roberts, 2 out of 5

I really love historical romances, and I especially love ones featuring super-hot highlanders. So after reading the blurb, I thought I would have this read in less than a day. It took me about a week. I’m a very fast reader…So, yeah. It’s not that this was an abominable read, it wasn't. It had some really good spots. Maybe after reading (literally) 100’s of historical romances, this one just didn't stack up against heftier competition.

One of my main problems was with the heroine. This is supposed to be a historical romance, so I would expect it to be at least a little (just a little?) historically accurate. Bella was much, MUCH more, shall we say, sexually free, than any other female character I've ever read in a historical romance. I would expect to see more of her kind of behavior in a modern romance. Girls back then had to be led gently by the hand (of their husbands!) when it came to matters of things like BJ’s. Just saying.

The author’s writing style was not up to the standards I am used to. More amateur-ish? None of the characters really “rang true” for me, therefore I didn't care much what was happening to them. As stated earlier, this was not an awful read, maybe just a not-so-good read for a fine connoisseur of historical romances such as myself. My rating, 2 out of 5.

Reviewer, Scarlett Roberts

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