Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Review: President or Playboy by Temple Madison

President or Playboy

Temple Madison

Published September 30, 2014
Book Blurb:

His days were filled with executive decisions, but his nights were filled with hot sex, whispered obscenities, and orgasms that flooded his soul! 

Around every corner were women who wanted a taste of his ten-inch power, and our lusty president was only too happy to give it to them. What he didn't know was, while he was fucking the hell out of the population, close by a powerful femme fatale was planning to steal the country’s secrets from under his sexy nose! 

By the time he learned her deadly secret, this Texas beauty with a gift for naughty sex already owned him body and soul. Now another executive decision had to be made. 

To stop this woman from walking off with the country’s secrets, he would have to decide if he was a president—or a playboy!

Reviewed by Scarlett Roberts, Rating: 1 out of 5

I don’t even know where to begin with this book. I had this and another one saved on my bookshelf, and after reading both blurbs, I went with this one. It sounded good. Politics and sex...right up my alley, but no. Just. No.

The whole story is absolutely ludicrous. Just everything about it. I understand books can bend reality to push the plot lines along, I have no problem with that. This just went above and beyond that though; so unrealistic it made me laugh at times. First, we have a young boy witnessing the horrific murder-suicide of his parents, all stemming from dear, old dad leaving his family for his red-headed mistress. Fast forward, boy has been taken under the wing of a wise old southern senator who has a gorgeous red-headed daughter. Tells boy he’ll put him in the White House and his daughter is going with him. Fast forward, boy is President, girl is First Lady, but alas, still a red-head. He treats his (beautiful) wife like absolute dog crap, all because she has red hair. Seriously? And I’m sure we’ve had some randy Presidents in our nation’s history, a lot worse than we can probably imagine…but this guy just sleeps with whoever, whenever, wherever. He gets caught (multiple, multiple! times) and doesn’t get in trouble? No impeachment proceedings? Where is Fox News in this story? The President gets shot (along with VP and speaker of the House) and the First Lady’s Dad speaks up and says “Hey, my daughter should be President now” and it actually happens? I’m pretty sure we’ve got contingency plans for leadership past 3 people. Then there’s a crazy, psycho woman who’s convinced she’s been reincarnated? Some of her past lives include Mina Harker, Circe, and Lucretia Borgia? She’s obsessed with the President, and I guess tries to make problems for him? The whole thing is so bizarre, it’s hard to tell sometimes what exactly the author was going for.

Maybe if there had been some super hot sex scenes, I could have overlooked SOME of the plot. But again, no. After waiting until I was 55% done with this book to get a legitimate sex scene, this is what I was forced to endure …“rigid piece of meat she wanted to worship like a pagan” and “his magical thrusts carried her upward, higher and higher in an erotic elevator”. Enough said, right? I’m (obviously) giving this book a 1 out of 5.

Reviewer, Scarlett Roberts

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